Problem with Stats, did work now it doesn't?


Mar 20, 2010
Hi guys,

A while ago I enabled the "" fix for webalizer enabling users to see their stats via the /stats suffix on their domain. I found the solution on this forum.

Since then we've added a few more accounts. I must add, that previous fixes I performed are still working. However, I've just tried to do exactly the same thing again (bookmarked the page!) and now I get this error when typing the last stage of the fix.

chmod: cannot access `root/tmp/webalizer': No such file or directory.

The path it uses looks wrong, and besides the "tmp/webalizer" directory is already 755. I can't understand as I bookmarked the page I used and did it on 10 separate accounts about 2 months ago, now the same commands don't work.

I have attached the instructions I used, found on this forum.

CPanel offers you the ability to check your website statistics with a program called webalizer. The problem with this system is that you are required to login via cpanel, and click through 2 diferent subsections in order to access them. This tutorial will guide you on the steps needed to make your webalizer  statistics available via  .

Login to your hosting account via ssh. If you do not have ssh, ask your host to enable it. if they won't enable it, ask them to read this tutorial, and run through these directions yourself.

Navigate to your public_html directory by running the following command

cd public_html

Once there, type the following:

vi .htaccess

once that loads, hit your i key, and type the following:

Options +FollowSymLinks

Once that is done, hit your Esc (escape) key, and type the following:


This will write to the .htaccess file, and quit.

Next, run the following command

ln -s ~/tmp/webalizer stats

you can replace the "stats" part of that command with name you want to use in order to access your website statistics.

After that, run the following commands

[B]chmod 755 ~/tmp <-- Does this command fine
chmod 755 ~/tmp/webalizer <-- Fails here?[/B]

now you can access to access your webalizer statistics.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. And Needless to say, the /stats don't work anyway, I thought even though it failed it might work anyway as it's only permissions, but I get a 404.

As I said, all previous accounts I've done this on are still operating perfectly. Really weird?!