Problem with the behavior of contents on live server

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Dec 28, 2020
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Hello Every one,
I am new to Godady plateform and facing an issue with my contents. The behavior of my website when deployed on live server is totally changed from local server. These behaviors are changed in term of the following issues:
1. Username and password to the index page is provided but it cant go the dashboard nor it displaying something.
2. No errors and validation defined in my contents are not displaying.

It is a humble request to share you valuable knowledge with me and help me resolve this issue. i am trying from last week but i did not found any fruitful results.

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! It's always frustrating when you move a site over to the live server and it doesn't work as intended. In these cases, the first thing to check is that both systems have the same PHP environment and modules installed. If you don't have root access to the system you might need to get your host to help with that.

I would also recommend checking the error logs in cPanel >> Errors to see if you can get any more information about what isn't working properly. If you have a specific error message that will be much easier to troubleshoot.

You could also try creating a phpinfo page on your account to check and make sure that PHP itself is processing normally.
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