Problem with Transfering accounts from one server to the other


Mar 28, 2002
I've decided to upgrade one of my old ReSeller account to a full Dedicated server,
The problem started when i tried to move several of my Big accounts (how big, 1GB - 3GB)
i found it impossible to do so using Account Username Copy feature...
as i dont have Root over the Reseller i cannot try any other method..
i've tried to enter each domain, and generate a full backup and have it copied to the new server, this indeed worked.. i had backup-5.19.2006_07-43-32_user-name.tar.gz file
which i copies to /home and went to the WHM on the new server then i started the restore..
if finished unpacking it (which actually only send it to cprestore folder) and fail...
now i'm compeatly puzzled.. as there's no way on earth i can transfer those sites manually..
and i cannot figure out how to do it automaticly...

anyone has any idea ?