Problems after moving to MariaDB


May 3, 2018
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Accidentally I have replacement MySQL server. We are using MySQL version 5.6.37 and Does not get any Server Error Log. Today I Do Upgrade to MariaDB 10.2.8 and Now lot of Server Error Log happened about Deadlock found when trying to get lock and Lock wait timeout exceeded. So this issue only happening with MariaDB.Everything was working fine prior to the change from MySQL to MariaDB, the issue would lie in the MariaDB configuration?I think we do mistake Upgrade to MariaDB. Now we are planning downgrade to the previous MySQL version but cPanel are not supported way to downgrade to the previous version After upgrade MySQL/MariaDB. So I think we need reinstall cpanel with Fresh-new Installation. Do we need reinstall cPanel/WHM with reinstall OS? I think we cant reinstall cPanel without a full O/S reload? Please let me know that How we can do this steps? I will do back up our sites data before reinstall process. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 10, 2016
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If you are thinking to reinstall the cpanel , then you will need to reinstall the server first . Cpanel installation requires fresh OS installation.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @msmile024,

After you upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB, there is no supported way to convert back to MySQL. That said, we could try to assist you in troubleshooting the MariaDB error messages before you reinstall the OS and cPanel. Could you provide some more information about the specific error message you notice with your database? How are you reproducing the issue? What are the contents of the /etc/my.cnf file on this system? Do you notice any specific error messages in the error log at /var/lib/mysql/$hostname.err related to the issue?

Thank you.