Problems after updating to C150


Dec 19, 2003
I updated yesterday to

WHM 10.3.1 cPanel 10.4.0-C150
RedHat Enterprise 3 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

When it updated from C141, the following problems occurred

permissions on /etc/localdomains and /etc/userdomains were set to 660 which resulted in exim giving everyone a 421 error. Setting these to 644 fixed this problem.

I have just over a gigabyte in my /tmp partition. Some files showed up in here that appeared to be the result of building something like clamav and were not erased. They almost filed the /tmp partition and I had to find and erase them to keep weird problems from occuring in the system. Normally I use 4% of /tmp, but I was getting alerts saying it was 100% full occasionally. Since clamd uses /tmp, this resulted in another exim failure when I rebooted the system because the unix socket wasn't created properly for clamd.

Something called boxtrapper has shown up on my system. I do not want it there since I think verification email is just another way of clogging up the email system as the return address on spam is usually fake. Apparently it auto-configured itself for one email address on the whole system. I've now turned it off in the WHM config, but it's still generating log file entries that say something like

"Autowhitelisting enabled for [email protected]/seems to be ok"

Is it really off ?

Is there a later CURRENT release. Someone mentioned C154, but running /scripts/upcp didn't do anything.

-- David