Problems after upgrading CPanel/WHM


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Mar 8, 2002
After upgrading my CPanel/WHM (4.7.0 - 4.7.0-66)

I am having problems with my shared SSL cert for my main domain.

The cert is installed as ''

When I type that address in, I get 404 page not found.
Also if I try I get a 404 too.

If i type in the site does resolve to the correct secure page.

I have looked through my httpd.conf and everything else i can think of and everything seems to be OK.

I also have a problem with the SOA record set ups with WHM.
When i create a new account, instead of adding '' WHM is adding the server contact email address to the zone file - which is my ISP email address.

When resellers create acounts, they get my ISP email address inserted into their zone files too --

It seems as though WHM thinks that 'localhost' = '[email protected]'