Problems Moving/Deleting IP's


Apr 2, 2003
OK, this one has me baffled, I've been staring @ this all night and can't figure out why this wont work.

I deleted 5 of my ip address's off my vhost box to move to another server.

Of the 5 address 4 work, the 5th one refuses to do anything as far as ping / traceroute.

Its up I see it with ifconfig. The route is fine. I just don't get why it don't work.

My only conclusion is that WHM has the ip locked somewhere but I have searched /etc/ips and /etc/ipaddrpool and rebuilt the pool. Its not listed there.

Anyone have any ideas before I pull my hair out.

I've even re-booted both servers. Still nothing.

Is there a process somewhere that documents moving an IP from one machine to another. I simply deleted it from the ip list in WHM and added it the other.