Problems Sending Mail From Scripts


Oct 14, 2001
Hi Fellow CPanel Memebers!

I am having some problems with my cgi and php scripts. It won\'t send out to certain ISPs such as the @Home network. I have gotten several complaints that passwords, and signup information for my sites were not being sent out.

This proved to be true as I also have an @Home account. Also it is not just the @Home network but apparently other ISPs too.

I have doubled check and it was not because my side is on the Blacklist because sending regular POP mail is fine.

My Dual P3 machine is hosted by with CPanel and WHM installed. I have a suspicion that it is the way sendmail was setup initially.

I have read that it could be something to do with the Return-Path set to nobody but I am not completely sure. Have anyone here encountered this problem and have managed to solve it?

Unfortunately my unix skills are very limited and any help is greatly appreciated.


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