Problems sending mail from subdomain sites


Jun 5, 2006
I have multiple sites setup as subdomains under my main domain site. Specifically I have two subdomain sites that are running forums that require a way to send emails to users that register on the forums.

The options are to use sendmail, and SMTP. At one time sendmail was working, but doesn't seem to anymore. I know the path is correct because I have verified it with the host for sendmail.

I've also tried using SMTP to send the mail, and my host has told me to use '' as the mail server configuration, with qualified login and password for authentication. My host also told me that my problems could be because each of these domains are pointing to subdomains in cpanel, rather than having them setup as individual accounts in WHM. I've tried many different things, and the emails are never sent, although I don't get SMTP authentication errors either which seems strange.

So the basic question is, should sites setup as a subdomain have problems sending mail with SMTP or sendmail? I don't have a reseller account so am unable to setup anything but subdomains for multiple sites. Two different forums on different subdomains aren't working so something tells me its a configuration problem.

Thanks, hope this makes sense...


Jun 24, 2005
Use sendmail. Sounds like your host has the SMTP security tweak enabled and mis-configured.