Problems using cpanel after backup restore


Feb 23, 2003
All this in 48 hours.

Using cpanel 5 (not sure what build).

I had an account under .net using username_A. Then I had it changed to .com. All the subdomains were still there under the .net. Also had a .com add-on domain.

I had my account reset. For some reason they changed to username_B. Got rid of the .net subdomains.

The host upgraded to cpanel 6.

Then I uploaded a full backup in cpanel restore and it did not unpack correctly. So I had my account completely reset again and changed back to username_A.

Uploaded another full backup. This time didn't even show up in the homedir. My disk usage in cpanel now shows 117MB used when my ftp shows a clean slate.

Had my account reset for the 3rd time. Still shows 117MB used.

The .com add-on domain cannot be added because it says a DNS entry already exists.?? Finally, the .net version of the .com I'm using cannot be parked since it also says a DNS entry already exists (could it be because I used this domain on a previous account?).

Hope someone can help me give my host some pointers toward a fix.


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Jun 18, 2002
In WHM you can delete DNS zones.

I know its a pain but sometimes I have found it easier to just create a clean account and then ftp your files into your account as needed.

or at least tar.gz the entire html files and images if there are heaps of them and then unpack inside your home dir.

then setup email and subdomains from there.

hope it helps a little.


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Feb 8, 2002
Boston MA
There is a file or files on the server that are chowned by you. It's possible that even your log file is chowned to you. Have them do a check and see what files are owned by you.