Problems Viewing Email in Horde Webmail


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Aug 22, 2006
to all,

Wonder if any can help.

I have hosting and go into Horde Webmail, but despite having emails info@domain, bookings@domain and the route account tilted@domain, i can only get into the route mail account [which ever mail i try to go into horde with i still get to the route mail box only]. once in there, there are no emails [possibly because it the route mailbox and doesnt technically exist as anemail] so set up a fetchmail thingy [apologies for the lack of terminology here] and have managed to pull in the 2 email accounts i need via the fetchmail command.

surely this is the correct way to do this as I believe fetchmail is used for accounts with other domains, not the ones with the similar domain to the route mail box..

so how am i correctly supposed to be able to view my online mail in the 2 separate mailboxes

many thanks