Aug 17, 2012
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Hi all!

I just started receiving an influx of customers thru my reseller plan, and am having a difficult time managing all of my customers. I constantly get complaints about anything from sites being down for long periods of time to files not uploading correctly thru cPanel. Does anyone have the same issue or is it just me? I asked my user what size/type of file he was having difficulties with. He told me that the file size was about 20 MB, and that the type was an swf file. I recommended that he use FTP to upload the file, but he is not sure how that works. Does cPanel not allow certain file types such as swf to be uploaded thru the file uploader? I am kind of scared that this issue will come up frequently, and I would like to know the proper response to give my customers. Any help is appreciated.



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Oct 2, 2010
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I've moved your thread out of the general lounge, since this is a cPanel question for issues you are having. The General Lounge is for discussion off-topic from cPanel.

For the question you are asking, do you happen to have ClamAV installed on the server? You would likely see an option for Virus Scanner in cPanel if you do happen to have it installed (as a Reseller, you may not have sufficient access to WHM to check the WHM > cPanel > Manage Plugins area itself). ClamAV has been known to block certain types of files from being uploaded to File Manager.