problems with accessing the cpanel interface

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Marco Antonio

Dec 10, 2021
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I have problems when entering the cpanel interface, it gives me the following error:

"Cannot Read License FileTo access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active.You can purchase or lease a license directly from cPanel, or from one of our Partners.If you do not currently own a license, register at the cPanel Store and request a trial license.
The cPanel license server said that a license could not be issued for your server (66). For more information visit: lic | cPanel The exact message was: No valid cPanel/WHM license found."

The IP that appears in the message above it is not the IP of my server that is registered in my license.

I want to know how I solve the problem.
Thank you
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Oct 18, 2021
Houston, TX
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@Marco Antonio It sounds like the licensing software is detecting the wrong IP address for licensing; perhaps the main shared IP is set incorrectly. Regardless, this would best be investigated by cPanel directly so we can look into the issue. Could you open a ticket using the link in my signature and provide me with the ID?
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