Problems with attached files for emails


Oct 11, 2010

I come to this forum because I am working with a new customer who has problem with his emails.
I do not know much about the solution because the customers had worked 5 years ago with an other company how was in charge of their website (and emails).
They had installed them a website and installed the cpanel for the management of their website and their emails adresse but they has no news from them and cannot tell me much about the technical information...but the situation today is that emails work great except when they try to send an email with PDF (for exemple) document takes hours to be send!
I have never used cpanel but I was wondering if the problem/solution could be find their.
I was wondering if it was not just a simple pb of weight configuration for send emails....and if I could raise it direclty from cpanel or if it was an issue to deal with the server hoster.

I hope that I am clear enought for you to help me.

Thank you in advance for you help!

Have a good day!


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Oct 2, 2010
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How is the attachment being sent? Are they using an email client locally like Outlook or MacMail, or are they using webmail to send the attachment?

Also, to clarify, this impacts all attachments regardless of the attachment size, so even a small attachment takes hours to send out?

Finally, when noting it takes hours to send, does that mean the client application (local email or webmail) itself is taking that long to show it sending, or you mean it doesn't show up in the inbox for the account receiving it for hours, indicating the message was delayed by the sending server?