Problems with calendars in cPanel 88

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Nov 19, 2017
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I'm a domain and webhotel owner that has recently started migrating from GSuite to email accounts in cPanel. As such, I'm trying to get a webmail interface similar to Gmail, with mail, contacts, calendars and address book. Earlier my webhotel was on a server with cPanel 84, and I experienced several problems when trying to get webmail with calendars and address book working properly. Therfore my webhotel provider suggested moving to a server with cPanel 88. I now have the new mobile-friendly UI in Roundcube, and can add CalDAV calendars in Roundcube.

In cPanel 84 the Calendars and Contacts page showed the calendars that I created in Horde. If I added a new calendar in Horde (e.g. a Family calendar, or separate calendars for each of my kids), they were listed in the Calendars and Contacts page. But now, in cPanel 88, the Horde calendars are ignored and rather a single calendar named (drumroll) "calendar" is shown. And I find no controls anywhere for adding new calendars or renaming the existing one.

Is this expected behavior in cPanel 88? Why was this changed from cPanel 84? And is there any way that I as a user can manage the calendars in cPanel 88?



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Feb 15, 2004
Hello! I am sorry you are having difficulty.

I just want to make sure I understand, the Horde calendars used to show in Roundcube in v84, but they are no longer showing now? Or are you talking about in Horde?


Koree A. Smith
Product Owner, cPanel, LLC