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Mar 23, 2002
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I'm always a little leary of upgrading as there is no way (TIKO) to go back to a previous version. Having been happy with E99 for the last little bit, I had read at this Forum about some new features with the upgrades.

Having heard Edge was supposed to be the best maintained I went ahead this morining and upgraded to E125 -- WRONG!

Next thing I knew Nameservers were no longer to be found and only IP services were available. As nothing else was changed except for the update, it was easy to diagnose the problem. So I did the next best and went with a Stable release -- currently 116 -- and everything came back to normal. At least, I think it did. I also did a graceful reboot to be on the safe side.

Others may or may not have this same type problem and I only mention what happened, to help save anyone else from going through what I had to.

Edit: I am now having problems with my Namservers apparently &disappearing& for seconds or minutes. Both go or just one and seems to be a radom thing. As the only change I've made was a Cpanel upgrade, I really nervous now about having to use a Release version -- may fix it, may make it worse. :-(

Think I'll weather things out for awhile. Only been awake for 24hrs and 40hrs is usually not that hard. :p