Jan 11, 2017
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Very strange issue with IP addresses.
I've got my CentOS 7 server set up with IPv4 and IPv6 I can ping v4 and v6 all day inside and outside the server. I can ping all the ipv6 addresses bound to my eth0.

I set up an ipv6 pool with /64 range in cP.
I have read every document listed on cP and watched every video when setting up WHM.

I have set all the settings for IPv6 and included both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from my CentOS 7 server.

The first "in-house" package I set up for my own domains, I checked the box for dedicated IP addresses. I figured the logic of using my two ip addresses bound to my server when I have a pool of IPV6 addresses in /64 why share ip addresses with my server??????

When I tried to set up an account for my first domain, cP stopped the account creation and gave the following message:
"Account Creation Status: failed
Your system has run out of available IP addresses, or you do not have permission to use any more IP addresses. (Unable to find an IP address.)"

That was incorrect because there were the 2 ip addresses from my server "attached or allocated" to WHM and there was a whole IPv6 /64 range assigned to WHM.

I created a ticket over 9 hours ago. It's rather frustrating waiting at this point. Which brings me here.

After about 5 hours of struggling and waiting - I created another package and for kicks and giggles left the "dedicated IP" box unchecked.

When I went through the process of creating an account this time it created the account but it attached the ipv4 address from the server rather than grabbing an ip6 address from the /64 range.
I clicked on reserve the IP 4 address and delete the domain account and recreated it with the same process and it still added the ip4 address and declined to use an IPv6 address.

This time I clicked on assign ipv6 and it assigned an ipv6 address (frustratingly it was just a random number from the range of addresses available rather than 1 of the 30 ipv6 addresses bound to eth0) I took the IPv6 address assigned and put it in the script for eth0 and confirmed that I could ping6 to it.
I went to the ipv6:2083 and I was able to log into cpanel so that works at least.

For obvious reasons I don't want the servers IPv4 address attached to my domain along with the ipv6 address.

While I didn't really like the layout and process of Plesk Onyx, I did love the fact that it would read the ipv6 bindings from your eth port and then automatically set up a pool of IP addresses to pull for either shared or dedicated and you were done in a second. This is insane and the 9-12 hour mark of waiting for a ticket for an issue that's keeping me from setting up my website is even more insane.

Has anyone else seen anything like this and have a workaround? While I'm admittedly new to WHM I've used cP for year in a variety of forms and versions and I prefer it greatly to Plesk but this IP issue is driving me nuts. I followed the instructions and video to a T and everything else is working smoothly but this one bottleneck is driving me nuts and it should be a relatively easy process since the system has a /64 range to work from why isn't it assigning them a dynamic IP address to begin with when I set up the account and why is it keeping the ip4 address in the account list and not releasing/removing it from the account entirely when I manually assign the ipv6 account. This shouldn't be this difficult folks.

Any suggestions while waiting for support to free up someone to look at my ticket would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Apr 11, 2011

It looks like this request was addressed via a support ticket, but I wanted to provide an update for anyone else viewing this thread.

Support for IPv6-only accounts is not currently possible, and thus associating an IPv4 address with an account is required. The following feature request is open to include this functionality in the future:

Support IPv6-only

Thank you.