Problems with remote mysql: too many connections


Apr 14, 2005
Hello All :)

This is my first post in this great community !! Sorry for my english.

I send this topic for problems that I have in my mysql server that I use to use databases in all my servers.

Today I recive this error in one of my sites:

Warning: mysql_connect(): Host '' is blocked because of

many connection errors. Unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'

Mysql server blocked all conecctions for one of my host for too many connections.

My question is, I have possibite to put can use more connections or configure mysql to accept ilimitate connections to mysql for all servers?

I wait responses. Thanks for your help!



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Mar 14, 2003
Better late than never :)

You have a mysql config file in /etc/my.cnf
You can put a lot of stuff in there, just search for it.

About connections you can set:

max_user_connections = 100
max_connections = 600

This is what I have on one server.
On another server I have max_user set to just 30, it depends on how
much your individual users need it and how it affect your server and load.

max_user is the amount of connections a user can have
max_connections means the amount of connections everybody together can have