Process killed after accruing 1000 minutes of cpu time. What's causing it?


Jan 1, 2004

I have a regular process (not a daemon) that I have set up to start with the system boot, runs as root and does stuff in the background. The problem I see, and have verified during several months is that once the process accrues 1000 minutes of cpu time (as reported by top), the process gets terminated/killed at the next hour boundary.

I think it is probably WHM/cPanel, but have found no WHM/cPanel documentation that explains this (there's a Background Process Killer but I disabled all its options, also it doesn't act on root processes). The (Virtuozzo) VPS I'm using is around 6 months old and it's in a very standard configuration (have not installed anything that could cause this).

I appreciate any information about this.

Best regards