process resource monitor crashing Apache


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Feb 7, 2004
What is happening is my Apache server is crashing, and it doesn't seem radom. What happens is I get a email from "process resource monitor" that says:

- Event Summary:
USER: nobody
PID : 11655
CMD : /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd
CPU%: 0 (limit: 65)
MEM%: 0 (limit: 45)
PROCS: 65 (limit: 60)

It then kills Apache until the chkservd runs and restarts the process. I have looked in the error_logs and access_logs the last 4 times and nothing is the same each time. This happens about 10 times a day resulting in mini outages.

Is there any way to find out why the PROCS's are running high here or maybe where the config file is for PRM config file is so i can atleast increase them?