Apr 10, 2002
I’m about to purchase CPanel. I’ve done plenty of reading/searching for information on using Procmail and Cpanel, but the info is sketchy at best. One message I was reading stated that Procmail was installed with Cpanel, but with all the Cpanel hosts I’ve used, I have yet to see the Procmail configuration files in the bass directory.

My questions are this:

- Can Procmail be installed on a host with Cpanel?

- If so, will it mess anything up with Cpanel?

- Are there any special configuration issues I should be aware of?

I don’t need to provide access to procmail for all my users—just for my account as root. My entire mail system (currently at pair) is built on Procmail, and I’ve written numerous creative recipes, which have effectively killed 99% of my incoming Spam:p I’d hate to give that up. Does anyone know for sure if this will be a problem with the Cpanel mail system?

Thanks all,

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