ProFTPD with mod_ifsession enabled


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Jul 30, 2013
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Hi All,

I want to use this module in proftpd but i don't want to break anything in the config in cPanel

Should be perfect if I can add this setting in some template configuration so changing from pure-ftpd to proftpd keep these settings.

The approach is to filter FTP webcams or heavy FTP users from the logs (whitelisted IP address) to keep the focus in unwanted connections.

Something that is out of my control is that some of these security webcams log in and out every 4-2 seconds, so only logging the AUTH commands are still painful.

I only need to add this module to proftpd


To install mod_ifsession, copy the mod_ifsession.c file into:

after unpacking the latest proftpd-1.3.x source code. Then follow the usual steps for using third-party modules in proftpd:
./configure --with-modules=mod_ifsession
make install

Note that mod_ifsession should be the last module in the --with-modules list, if multiple modules are listed. This makes sure that mod_ifsession's changes will be seen properly by other modules.
To build mod_ifsession as a DSO module:
./configure --enable-dso --with-shared=mod_ifsession

Then follow the usual steps:
make install

Alternatively, if your proftpd was compiled with DSO support, you can use the prxs tool to build mod_ifsession as a shared module:
prxs -c -i -d mod_ifsession.c