Proper pricing for Dedicated Servers

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May 26, 2016
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Simple request.

I would like to know when cPanels broken / flawed pricing will be sorted?

I have a few servers, one of these is a DEDICATED machine with 4 or 5 accounts. It is charged for 100 accounts for no reason at all. In this day and age there is absolutely no reason for the dedicated pricing to be restricted to the most expensive tier. In fact in many cases a dedicated machine is now cheaper than a comparable VPS Cloud or otherwise.

If I'm being honest this pricing structure is actually extremely discriminative against people who run a dedicated server with less than 100 accounts on it. These days there is no reason for a pricing difference between a physical machine and a virtual one in terms of management control panels. Compared to say a VPS on a KVM host there is barely any difference, you have to install and config your OS / kernel on a KVM machine too, its not like an OpenVZ platform where the host node controls the OS. So from a cpanel/whm point of view there is no good reason for this to be the way it is other than greed.

For example, if I took an image of my current server OS/Environment. Wipe my server and reinstall it with some type of hypervisor host software e.g. KVM and import my server image and then run it exactly the same using near enough all the resources for the virtual image I could then purchase a cpanel VPS license, the only slight difference in reality would be the virtual version of my server not having 100% of the physical machine resources as naturally the hypervisor would need some ram cpu and hd space but lets not skip over the fact I would still be running a dedicated machine as this particular container in this instance would be the only virtual machine and would have all the resources my physical machine has to offer

Now I don't want to do that because 1, that is a ridiculous process to go through in order to not be discriminated against for a software license, 2 it is an awful lot of extra work for me and would incur downtime for me and clients, 3 for a company that moved to "account based" pricing, this is not the case for dedicated machines (false advertising, misleading pricing information).

anyway in light of this, please advise when I will see a proper licensing structure for dedicated machines that allows us to select a pricing tier that is actually suitable. As per your website I should only be charged $22 for upto 5 accounts. this should be the case for a dedicated machine too.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! From our side, we don't have any plans currently that I am aware of to change the license options. I do know some of our Partners have the option to create custom license plans with their own specs, such as a Solo Dedicated or something, but the price would be set by them and it isn't something we'd be aware of on our side.