Providing DNS services outside cpanel...


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Jan 2, 2006
As a company that uses three seperate registrars, we have a problem providing our customers with a platform to manage their domains.

Cpanel does not provide any options for the customer to manage their domain's DNS or to frame forward a domain to a URL's etc, even though it has all the structure in place to allow for this. Its such a shame this functionality isnt available in cpanel.

Enom and other registrars provide these services as standard but as mentioned above, we register TLD's with several different registrars.

What we need is a single platform that can be made available to the customer should they wish to manage their domains outside of cpanel. I guess what we are looking for is a DNS server with a membership web interface and an API.

Do you know of such a thing ? is there an "out of the box" script that could attach to bind ? I'm wondering how other companies get around this issue - it must affect alot of hosts. Currently, for some TLD's if a customer asks for their domain to be frame forwarded to a URL
we tell them to go to

I'm not prepared to set up a hosting package in whm and put an index page with a frame in it for every customer who just wishes to forward their domain, this is too time consuming and not appropriate if they havent purchased hosting. I'd like to give them their own dns management tools.

Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 25, 2002
If you ever get an answer to this, I'd be interested - even if it's just the ability for a user to manage their own DNS zone file via cPanel (as opposed to some sort of external service that you're talking about).