Providing Subdomain Hosting Email Accounts


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Jun 9, 2008
I am trying to provide customers with an option to host their sites under our sub-domain.

Everything seems to work perfectly, except for emails.

This is the setup.

I am trying to provide hosting: as the main domain for a customer itself is already pointing to cpanel DNS servers, for example (using cpanel) (using cpanel)

Now, with WHM I created MAIN ACCOUNT:

Everything works perfectly except for email. itself currently is not hosted under WHM/Cpanel.

Websites are working perfectly, customers can setup:

But nothing works with email
[email protected] can not receive any outside emails from Gmail or Yahoo or anything.

I see that everything is setup properly for DNS Zone: in and

Is it possible that I have to add in WHM/Cpanel too?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.