Proxy subdomains with Cluster DNS not working properly


Jan 27, 2005
I have 3 Cluster DNS servers. When I create a new account, the new DNS zone will be copied to all of those Cluster DNS servers.
I also have enabled proxy subdomains, and enabled it to be created automatically when I create new account.

But here is a problem I just found:
When I create a new account, the new DNS zone is copied to the Cluster DNS servers before the proxy subdomains are created, as a result of this, the Cluster DNS servers don't have the proxy subdomains unless I sync the zone once after account creation.

Basically WHM now works like this: Create account -> copy new DNS zone to Cluster DNS servers -> create proxy subdomains
But actually it should sync again after creating proxy subdomains, or it should create them before the first sync.

Is there any solution fixing this problem?


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Jun 15, 2006
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

We have opened an internal bug report and assigned it to the corresponding developer in charge of the DNS Clustering system.