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Mar 25, 2006
I have public key I would like to install on my server so my server can encrypt emails dedicated to an email address. I don't want to generate the key from the server since I ALREADY have a public key for my email address.

I tried importing the public key in cpanel GnuPG Keys section. And it lists ok in the result. only a public key, no private key.

But the following command:
echo some text | /usr/bin/gpg -e -a --homedir /home/domain/.gnupg -r [email protected]

gpg: 6093C462: There is no assurance this key belongs to the named user

pub 2048g/6093C462 2009-07-23 myname <[email protected]>
Primary key fingerprint: 839B 10EA 09D9 4EB9 F7F0 F8B6 B8EE 5D35 EC21 05F6
Subkey fingerprint: 248D 5475 9DE0 2D2D 5B9E 3698 F6C1 C607 6093 C462

It is NOT certain that the key belongs to the person named
in the user ID. If you *really* know what you are doing,
you may answer the next question with yes.

Use this key anyway? (y/N) n

1-Is it properly installed?! Is my key properly formatted?
2-If so, how do I make the trust permanent?
3-If not, what is the right way to install a public key on the server?!