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Nov 24, 2002
The public_html file turned up missing on one of the domains on my server. It seems to just be locked or something of the sort. If you do a ls from the /home/domain directory you it shows, but it does not show with a ls -l.

If you try and access it you get:
[email protected] [/home/domain]# cd public_html
bash: cd: public_html: Input/output error
[email protected] [/home/domain]#

The dir does seem to exist, if I try to recreated it gives the following error:

[email protected] [/home/domain]# mkdir public_html
mkdir: cannot create directory `public_html': File exists
[email protected] [/home/domain]#

Seems it might have happened during a reboot last evening.

I can restore a backup of the domain, but would like to know what happend and not have to lose 24 hours of info.

Thanks for any thoughts.