pure-ftp symlinks to folders outside ~


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May 31, 2003
Sometimes you run into something that seems so basic and necessary that you expect to find 100,000 results on google or on the cPanel forums, but when you search for it, you can't find ANYTHING. When this happens, I question whether I am doing something plain silly to start with, but here goes:

I just need to know how to get pure-ftpd to follow symlinks outside of a home directory. I want to make the same set of files available for ftp for two different accounts. So, for example, I want to make the files at:


available at:


If I create a symlink, the application/website work fine, but I want to be able to ftp files from either account and pure-ftp refuses to allow accountB to see the share symlink or any of the files within it... even if I chmod 777.

So, is there a way to configure pure-ftp to follow symlinks outside the home directory?

Should I be doing this some other way to start with?