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Nov 14, 2017
That thread is REALLY old - pushing 10 years. I do not believe that is the case anymore. PureFTP is compiled with --with-tls

# This option accepts three values:
# 0: disable SSL/TLS encryption layer (default).
# 1: accept both cleartext and encrypted sessions.
# 2: refuse connections that don't use the TLS security mechanism,
#    including anonymous sessions.
# Do _not_ uncomment this blindly. Double check that:
# 1) The server has been compiled with TLS support (--with-tls),
# 2) A valid certificate is in place,
# 3) Only compatible clients will log in.

Based on their readme I'm not even sure if they distinguish between implicit and explicit modes any longer:

The explicit/implicit compile-time flags are not listed.

The forums used to have a warning on threads this old indicating that the information within may no longer be relevant and it looks like we may have lost that when we upgraded last year, something I'll look into.