Mar 31, 2007
Hello all, I'm having an issue with one of my clients that I can't figure out and am looking for some advice.

The issue is that the user cannot login using any account and logs the error simply as

Feb 1 17:38:44 Support pure-ftpd: ([email protected].**) [INFO] New connection from 165.236.**
Feb 1 17:38:48 Support pure-ftpd: ([email protected].**) [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [**]
Feb 1 17:38:48 Support pure-ftpd: ([email protected].**) [INFO] Logout.

However I can login to the account myself on my connection. CPanel also works fine for them. The user CAN use ftp on other hosts, so it's localized to our host. The account was working fine up till a few days ago.

Things I've tried.
Restarting FTP
Restarting the server
Synchronizing FTP passwords

To me it feels like pure-ftpd is blocking the ip due to too many login failures, but I can not figure out where it would store this temporary ban.

Any advice on things to look at or test are greatly appreciated!