pure-ftpd site chmod weirdness


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Sep 1, 2002
Now according to my reading of the php documentation for php_ftp
/49/prsentation > SITE CHMOD 0777 593.jpg
SITE: no such command.
ncftp /49/prsentation > site CHMOD 0777 593.jpg
Permissions changed on 593.jpg

The first one is the way php tries to do things
The second actually works.
Any idea why the site commands isn't uppercased before it's given to the ftp server?

My client had a proftpd setup that worked fine using php-ftp before, and when we had to switch to pure-ftpd because of load, it apparently stopped working.

cpanel 7.4.2 Stable-117
php 4.3.2

notice that SITE CHMOD isn't the same as site CHMOD, yet the php docs mention SITE CHMOD and not site CHMOD (last I checked all ftp commands aren't supposed to be case sensitive, but I could be misinformed)

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