Feb 22, 2005

Posted this in cPanel section, and no one even viewed it, so maybe its a new user question.

Recently, my service has become to large to allow free range of FTP access, so im restricting FTP accounts to x mb. However, i've just been testing the quota, and it does'nt actually do anything when you go over your limit?

I can upload free'ly, download free'ly, just the same as aswell, except there is a .ftpquota file in the folder.

Which is my next concern.

I set the test folder quota to 5megs. (5 in the quota box) and in the file its as:

3 3030372
I was under the impression the first number is the amount of files, and the second is max size in bytes?

Also, if im a user, i can easily download the file, change the second number, re-upload and have a quota size to my wish.

I have searched, and came up with 4 threads, all useless.

Is this is all one big bug, or even just not developed yet.

Any information appreciated.

PS: Panel Build 10.0.0-CURRENT 40