Putting a publicly accessible calendar on website?


Jan 12, 2011
Hi there! I am not a web designer, nor do I have any actual education in maintaining a business website - however, I manage to do pretty well with ours. I just "add" things as I figure them out. However, I've run into a brick wall with an idea.

I would like to add a publicly viewable calendar to my website - one where people can see upcoming events and click on them for more details, and possibly even download necessary paperwork. How do I do this?

I have blindly signed up for Softaculous, and have created a calendar - but I have NO CLUE how to post it to my website! :confused: Also - is it possible to post a "mini" calendar that people can select and enlarge?

If you have done this, please help!


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May 24, 2006
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I think you might want to consider looking into Google Calendar service. It is free. You can create a Google Account (like a gmail account for example) and then within your Google Account you can create multiple calendars within that account. From there it becomes VERY versatile and easy - you cna create public calendars, private calendars, and you can even set private events on your public calendar and then give access to only specific people for specific events.

The icing on the cake? Google gives you simple copy and paste HTML code to paste your calendars right into web pages, and set all your preferences (for example - default view weekly or monthly) and you can invite specific people to specific private events on the calendar so that only those people can view those specific events.

It is truly the easiest way to have dynamic interactive calendars on your web sites without worrying about installing any special scripts or doing any programming.