Question about Apache and mod_wsgi (python3)


Feb 23, 2019
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Hello, i'm currently trying to host a DJango application on the server, it works pretty well on a Debian VM if i manually compile mod_wsgi against python 3, however, Centos doesn't have a Python 3 installed (not without activating a specific environment context called SCL), so i ended compiling it from the /opt/.../python3 path, so every time Apache tryes to load mod_wsgi just fails to find any python 3 binary giving me this error:
httpd: Syntax error on line 27 of /etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/conf.modules.d/900_mod_wsgi.conf: Cannot load /usr/lib64/apache2/modules/ into server: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
should i compile a new python version with a prefix? or is there a solution for this problem?