Question about CloudLinux & CentOS (Transfer Tool)

Oct 27, 2017
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(First i'm sorry if is in wrong place because in one part is like offtopic in another part no so staff can decide and please move in right place if i'm wrong)

I just have some questions for CloudLinux cPanel And Centos.

Right now i'm using cPanel with CentOS 7.4, And I'm ok, Some small problems sometimes but not a big problem. Anyway on my company i provide one small plan "Starter" For free so everyone can try before to think to buy or not. So because of this i also have free clients on my server and in most of times not everyone come just to host a website but there are also spammers who try bad things. So i haven't use CloudLinux before i have no idea about it i just have read about its LVE manager and i will like to add some limits for free clients!

So questions
Will there be any problem if i transfer all my clients with cPanel Transfer tool from CentOS 7.4 to CloudLinux 7.4. ?

2. Just to know, What if performance isn't what i'm expecting Will be any problem if i want to move all users from CloudLinux 7.4 Back to CentOS 7.4 with cPanel Transfer Tool?!

Thank you.