Question about how cPanel configs virtual eth adapters


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Sep 14, 2009
Hi guys,

I have run into what must be a pretty typical problem for the sort of thing I am trying to do.

I have two static IPs running off my eth0 setup and managed by cpanel.

The host is CentOS5 and has two physical adapters and I wanted to try and configure eth1 to be on a private IP to be able to route unmetered traffic to my iSCSI target.

In changing the sysconfig device setup for ifcfg-eth1 to a private IP I figured that I could try and bring it up and as long as I didn't change any routing I would be able to at least have the main public IPs on eth0 run interrupted.

In case I stuffed it up I had an iLO console open to change configs and fall back to a previous setup if necessary.

So far so good.

I added the private IP to eth1 and used init.d/network reload to try and restart the network but only eth0 came back not eth0:1

I had a quick look around but realising that I was down and had no idea how to recover from this particular eventuality after restarting the cpanel service I did a reboot and all came back ok...

So... There are really two questions here:
1) how can I see, manage and stop, start, status and restart/reload the eth0 interfaces that cpanel configures to handle the virtual adapters?
2) how would I go about configuring a local IP on eth1 so it doesn't impact the public access to the box over the eth0 adapters (routing) and yet still be able to reach another host on the same private IP subnet?

I guess this is a bit complicated for a general forum question but if anyone would be good enough to coach me through some of this I would be very grateful.

Best regards and TIA