May 28, 2019
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
This is my recent scan details from Security Advisor:

  • CageFS is enabled
  • cPHulk Brute Force Protection is enabled.
  • The system kernel is up-to-date at version “3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.25.8.el7.x86_64”.
  • MySQL test database does not exist.
  • MySQL check for anonymous users
  • The MySQL port is blocked by the firewall, effectively allowing only local connections.
  • Password strength requirements are strong.
  • The system did not detect processes with outdated binaries.
  • SSH direct root logins are disabled.
  • Current SSH version is up to date: 7.4p1-16.el7
  • SCGI is disabled, currently using the recommended suEXEC.
  • The pseudo-user “nobody” is not permitted to send email.
  • CSF has SMTP_BLOCK enabled.
  • Apache is being queried to determine the actual sender when mail originates from the “nobody” pseudo-user.
I see, cPanel is advising to buy Imunify360. But at the moment I cannot invest for that. However, I decided to go with ImuniufyAV+ for malware detection and deletion.
Is anyone can tell me here more about that? Does it detect malware and send emails to user with file path?