Question about main domain in a box


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Oct 3, 2006
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(sorry for my english, I'll try to do my best)

I have a server with 80 domains with NS entries: and

I have one "" entry in cPanel, that is the "reseller account" of all other 79 entries. And the domain "" is parked on it ( Yes, due to several domain problems, I setup the server to be "" as main domain, but I'm using

For several months, I created, removed and did lots of things with the "main" account. Now I'm having problems to park/unpark, subdomains and others features.

So, I decided to delete this entry (first remove the parked domain and, after, delete the cPanel entry) and then recreate them, now as unlinked domains (2 cPanel entries). But I'm not sure if this is secure :confused:

My idea is: set "root" as owner of all 79 domains, remove the entry and recreate.

One question is about named (DNS): between delete and recreate the and, all domains will be non-authoritative, right? Will be no problem after recreate the domains and set the new "inweb" cPanel entry as the owner/reseller?

Main question: any risks to lost or corrupt any thing that can blow up the entire server? :eek:

Please, any help is welcome. This is my main server, I'm really afraid :(