Question about moving a site and using Modify Account option in WHM


Jul 9, 2010
Hi folks. I've got a site that I'm moving to a new server. As opposed to making a straight-out copy of the site, I've upgraded all the software and reinstalled everything from scratch on the new server using a temporary domain name that I needed only for the duration of the reinstallation. We'll call it

As the launch date approaches, I've been counselled to create a "real" account in WHM and to use SSH to copy all the files in the tempdomain account to the realdomain account before I change the DNS entries for the real domain name.

Do I have to make a new account and copy the files, or can I just use the Modify an Account option in WHM to associate a new domain name with the existing account? Would this have the same effect as creating a whole new account for and copying the files to it? Can I leave the existing username as it is and just change the domain field?

Next question: if the above idea works, would it affect the databases I've already created? I assume not, as long as I don't change the username for the account. Or would that even matter? I know Cpanel appends the account username to the front of every database name - if the username gets changed for an account, can that account still access those databases?

Thanks for your help.