Question about upgrade to Cloudlinux


Jun 9, 2013
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Root Administrator
Dear cPanel community,

since quite a while I have noticed CSF's suggestion to upgrade to CloudLinux and I am really considering the idea as I would be highly interested in having multiple PHP versions, however I would like to get an expert's opinion first in order to make absolutely sure the upgrade / migration will be smooth and without resulting in any potential errors / problems.

I have a small / medium sized VPS that runs a handful of private websites, a few basic WordPress powered websites and 2 medium sized Magento stores. Note in particular that one of the Magento stores in question makes use of Memcached.

Besides that I have the following setup:

  • OS: CENTOS 5.10 x86_64 kvm
  • Running WHM 11.42.0 (build 23)
  • nginxCP v4.4 Stable
  • MySQL 5.5.x
  • PHP v. 5.3.28
  • As extra modules I run mod_ruid2

I was wondering if anyone could provide me some further details on whether or not I have to take particular notice on behalf of anything or if I am completely free to proceed with the upgrade without encountering any possible issues. Some expert advise would be truly appreciated.

Thank you very much and best regards.