Question about Urchin report files kept (disk space increasing)


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Feb 27, 2003
I have about 60 websites on my server and use Urchin primarily to manage the statistics for my customers. They love Urchin, but lately I've noticed that their disk space has been running out and tracked it down to the Urchin report files.

I'm on RHEL with EV1 and am running a current Cpanel/WHM release (stable).

My directory structure is as follows:


The reports folder is filling up with up to 50-60% of the total disk space of the account (some up to 300 MB) being ussd by files in the Urchin reports folder.

Looking at the files, they appear to be increaing in size also - so are they cumulative? Do they cover ALL the past statistics or only current month's statistics? Are any files removeable without removing the actual reports from displaying in Urchin?

I need to free up disk space, but don't want to cause my clients to lose valuable reports that they use. However, there has to be a way to purge some old files in order to make room on the server.

Anyone enounter this problem?
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Jun 13, 2003
Same here, though i dont even have urchin working correctly. Ill reinstall today, will let you now if that fixed the prob.