Question regarding nameservers, and hostname


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May 6, 2009
Hi, I'm currently hosting my website Starcraft 2 Maps | on HostGator web hosting. Yesterday I thought it may be prudent to switch to a VPS server through (coupon WHT40... check it out) due to a pretty unbelievable deal they have going on, and because there are a few quirks between vBulletin and HostGator hosting.

Basically my question is, can I have my nameservers pointed to the HostGator host, while having my hosted nameservers ( and, and [server name]) pointed to my VPS server?

I'm trying to propagate everything over very smoothly, so this would definitely be the ideal way to get the server completely setup before actually switching the content over.

Is it possible? I have all the IPs set for my hosted nameservers and hostname in my registrar, but I'm not sure if they'll propagate correctly.



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Jul 18, 2009
Create A records for NS1, NS2 and VPS from DNS Zone editor of HostGator. Point these records to your new VPS server IP address. This will use DNS zone of hostgator and point these records to your VPS server.

I would suggest to check the functionality of your websites on VPS server using temporary URLs and once you find everything ok you can just modify nameservers of your domains.