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Jan 5, 2019
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hello everyone,

I have a question regarding push email and "Android" smartphones.

I have an android smartphone and have my emails hosted on cPanel server configured with IMAP and 10 minutes interval sync. Unfortunately push email does not work as expected and does not alert about new email in real time.

Few years ago, when BlackBerry smartphones were popular, I had a very pleasant experience of using them with my cPanel emails. I believe they used their special email feature "Blackberry fast mail" service alerted for new email in real time. The feature was available in cPanel x3 theme. I do not see that anymore in paper_lantern theme.

The BlackBerry FastMail Service - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

Also, as per wikipedia :

With the release of the BlackBerry 10 operating system for its new generation of mobile device, BES is no longer available for non-corporate client email delivery. Instead, BlackBerry 10 offers POP, IMAP, or ActiveSync for transferring email to and from a device. Of these, the latter two can provide push email delivery if the server supports it. Data compression is also not provided anymore.
So my question is, while continuing with Android smartphones, is there any way to achieve push email on cPanel server?

If I prefer to buy their latest flagship mobile "Blackberry Key2 Le", will I receive email's in real time as I used to with their old phones?

I am really facing tough times to receive email alerts for emails hosted on cPanel server, on my Android devices, and really wish if there was a way to enable real time alerts such as push email or any other alternative.

Looking forward for suggestions and advises from all you experienced people.!!



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Nov 14, 2017