Question: Setting Up Private Name Servers using one domain & 2 servers


Jun 6, 2005
There are probably answers to this problem somewhere within these forums, but searching has brought up confusing scraps and outdated info especially the WHM set up functions - the menu items seem to have changed. I'm currently using WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-C94.

I'm migrating from Ensim server .... so unfamiliar with the WHM/CPanel way ...

My requirement is to use a single registered domain to provide 4 name servers over 2 CPanel servers.

So, my domain '' has been registered at registrar and been set up to be nameserver using ns1 - ns4 range.

For the exercise let's say Server 1 at my Data Centre has IPs (Main IP)

Server 2 at my Data Centre has IPs (Main IP)

My nameservers are then set at registrar to be: - - - -

On Server 1 I want to set up the main web site and other virtual hosts using nameservers &

On Server 2 I want to set up more virtual sites using nameservers &

So - is anybody brave enough to put forward the definitive 'modernised' set up guide for this that gives an error free dnsreport from


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Mar 3, 2006
You may want to look into dns clustering.
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