Question: Why does webmail use so much server resources?


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Jun 30, 2004
Just curious. I have noticed that anytime I have someone using webmail that the server load goes up, and if I have several webmail users at the same time that services start to fail. I find this very annoying since I have several users who are 'on the road' and depend greatly on webmail and they are considering moving to another server specifically due to the slow webmail issues.

One client is a photographic producer and is regularly needing to use webmail while on location and the delays (compared to gmail or large commercial hosting servers for example) are creating production delays.

I have noticed that this has gotten worst now that the average user wants at least 100mb email box (I often get requests to setup 250MB quota, the client will say 'how come I can get 1GB email for free from gmail and it is faster than the 100MB on your server?)

We are using courier.

Is this just the way it is with webmail? Is this a Horde problem? What, if anything can be done to make webmail less of a heavy load?

I guess that this is why larger hosting providers put the email server on an independant box.