questions about cPanel PHP & cPanel Template Toolkit


Nov 26, 2006

I wish to create a cPanel Plugin (not sure I'm using the term correctly-- I'm not 100% clear on the difference between Modules, Plugins, Add-Ons, etc.) that will query a mySQL database table for records pertaining to the currently logged-in user, and display them.

Of the options available, the cPanel PHP option seems the best match for my current skills. I want to use the cPanel Template Toolkit to handle at least the iteration over the dataset, and possibly other things. Does this sound feasible so far?

The problem I've encountered is that I can't find any good documentation of CPTT, particularly the available modules and their parameters & functions. When I look on the Template Toolkit website, the modules I see there don't match the modules I see in the (few!) cPanel examples I've been able to find. Are the available modules documented anywhere?

Also, is it necessary (or just a matter of convention) that the template file have the same name as the file that calls it? The example I've tried fails with the error "file error - cphello/listpopswithdisk.tmpl : not found". The file is definitely there.

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.