Questions About cPanel Quota


Sep 28, 2016
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Root Administrator

I would be very appreciative if I could receive some advice and feedback on what I seem to be missing on this. I have a very new VPS server, and have spent the last week or so gradually uploading my website and tweaking settings.

Today I received an email notifying me of reaching disk space quota for my account. The limit for my account on Cpanel is showing as 461MB which has now been reached, I've been trying to check the quota on WHM which does show as "unlimited" so I'm not too sure how to increase this? The account on WHM also shows disk space used as only 5mb which is odd.. I know I should have 50gb available as my package includes this, but can't figure out how to increase this on my account.

Last night I updated PHP, so maybe this has had an impact on it?

Many thanks for your help