Questions About Pointing/Redirecting Domains In cPanel


Oct 25, 2012
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I'm a novice and I'm not sure of this the right place to ask, or using the right terminology, so please forgive me.

I'm trying organize my company better and reduce the number of SSL's needed. Here is my strategy, but I'm not sure if it's possible.

Create subdomain:
Put SSL on subdomain

Here is where it gets tricky. I have tools that I install, and tools that are vendor services, that I want to make it look like a subdirectory of:

As far as I know, you cannot point a SaaS tool to a subdomain + subdirectory?

For example, I use codiad, which I install on:

Then, I use a SaaS service called Only Office that I can white label. Is it possible for me to point the SaaS (there is an option for this) OnlyOffice to "", then redirect "" to ""? Since I cannot point OnlyOffice directly to "". Would codiad at "" still work? Would the SSL I install on "" still be effective?

Could his idea work, and be done in cPanel?


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Apr 11, 2011

You can add the additional domain name as an Addon domain with it's own custom document root:

Addon Domains - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Or, you could add it as a subdomain and then redirect it to the URL of your choosing via the "Redirects" option in cPanel.

Thank you.