questions about setting up nameservers for reseller accounts


May 6, 2003
I'm having a little confusion when it comes to setting up an account as a reseller account via WHM. What I always do is setup the initial account with an IP, then I reserve the next IP in line for the next nameserver. Pretty sure this is how I was told to do it way back. Hadn't messed with reseller stuff for awhile till recently. Then I go to the reseller center and give the account reseller priviledges. Then onto edit reseller priviledges/nameservers. Check all the boxes I want, type in the name of the nameservers then click to assign the IP and add an A entry. And it assigns sometimes random IP's as the nameservers. Then outside and below the reseller center, I go ot manage nameserver IP's and yeah it shows the nameservers as the random IP's. If I fiddle with things enough I usually get the nameserver IP's to match with the one I created the account with, then the next one after that. I did that and not sure how I ended up at that, and obviously didn't do something right in the first place. So can someone please give step by step instructions from start to finish for assigning nameservers to a reseller account? Thanks.